Why is Office Hygiene so important?

Aug 26, 2020 1:07:23 PM / by CMOS Team

The average office worker spends 40 hours a week in their workspace, therefore, this time must be spent in a clean, hygienic and comfortable environment.

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Hygiene is important in the workplace because it contributes to a happy, healthy and more productive workforce.

Why is Office Hygiene so important? Here we share 4 reasons why keeping on top of office hygiene is crucial for everyone at the office

  • Employee happiness 😀

We believe that a clean and tidy workspace will increase morale, happiness and productivity within employees. Happy and efficient employees will safeguard the happiness and comfort of your clients as well.

Ensuring a well-maintained office space shows how much you value their wellbeing when working. 

  • Positively presenting your Business. 🏢

A clean and tidy workplace is going to be noticed by everyone who walks through your main entrance. If the plants are healthy, the floors clean and the work surfaces tidy, then you are presenting your business as one that takes pride in the presentation and cares about attention to detail.

In business, first impressions do count and presenting these visitors with a professional environment is critical for the positive image of your business.

  • Employee Health and Safety 🚩

Between 10 and 20% of New Zealanders are affected by influenza every year, with many requiring hospital care. Vaccinations can prevent many strains of Flu, but not all, and a hygienic and germ-free workplace should be your first line of defense.

With regular professional cleaning of your office and common areas, you can dramatically reduce the risk of staff bringing a virus into the workplace and spreading it to team members.

  • Saving Money 💰

Workspaces refurbishment can come at a very high expense to your business. Although you can’t avoid this in the future, you can surely prolong it with the right cleaning procedures and maintenance. 

Frequent cleaning and periodic deep-cleansing will ensure the preservation of your floors, furniture, windows and soft furnishings. 

You can improve your Office Hygiene by following
3 simple steps:
  1. Regular professional cleaning is one of the most effective ways to improve hygiene.
  2. Help your employees in maintaining a hygienic workplace by providing them with toiletries like our DIY Disinfecting Kit
  3. Remind your staff of the importance of personal hygiene regularly. 

Here are some Dos and Don’ts of Personal Hygiene at the Office:

Dos and Don’ts of Personal Hygiene at the Office:


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