What to consider before choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company

Sep 11, 2020 1:21:47 PM / by CMOS Team

Finding the right office cleaning services can be difficult. You likely have an idea of what services you need, but when you look at your options, it can be challenging to tell services apart.

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As a Property or Office Manager, we know how vital is Commercial Cleaning to you. We believe that the two main things you should consider before choosing a commercial cleaning company are first, the one that will do the best job of managing the cleaning personnel on your site, and second the one who will respond the fastest and most accurately to your requests.

Consider the following before hiring a commercial cleaning company: 

  • Make sure the company looks after their cleaners. 

The cleaning staff on your site needs to be communicated to, trained, aware of clear expectations and specifications, be looked after, inspired, and engaged in enjoying their work. Learn more about how we take care of our cleaning staff. 

  •  A clear line of communication. 

The managers need to be agile and respond fast and accurately to any request you may have. A person who ensures communication is bright, responses are immediate, resolutions are genuine, and support is always available. 

  • The company can grow and scale with your needs in mind.

We can help develop site-specific cleaning specifications and talk with you about how we strive to execute and measure the two considerations above to a world-class standard.

How do we make sure you get the HIGH-PERFORMANCE CLEANING you deserve?

quality assurance

Our cleaners and supervisors always have access to the agreed site-cleaning specifications. 

We use a software-based ticketing system to keep track of Extra Jobs, Enquiries, Requests, Improvements, and Complaints, as well as key and alarm security.  Regular proactive and reactive site checks are also managed within the CRM platform to ensure consistent service delivery.

cleaner supervision

Supervisors are an essential part of our line of communication and a crucial part of how we are able to provide extraordinary service to our clients.

Supervisors work closely with your Account Manager to manage cleaner performance, lead them to deliver extraordinary results, and play a fundamental role in CMOS quality assurance through regular site checks. 

Get in touch today and we'll take good care of your office cleaning needs! 


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