The importance of Corporate Social Responsibility when choosing a contractor

Sep 28, 2021 12:47:32 PM / by CMOS Team

Corporate Social Responsibility is becoming increasingly more important for companies, especially when choosing which provider to go for.

CSR isn’t just an indicator of caring, but can also be a good indicator of their willingness to go the extra mile. If they are willing to act for the good of society, chances are they are going to try and provide the best service they can.

Below are some CSR questions to ask when looking to hire a new cleaning service.


6A Employment relations act

While this is a requirement for businesses that work in an industry with potentially exploited workers, it is a good gauge to ask the company’s process for bringing on cleaners who already worked at an existing site.

How the business works to integrate existing cleaners into their company can be a good indication of their dedication to being a quality employer, and ultimately, how much they care about doing a good job.


Do They Offer a Living Wage

Living wage employers recognise the importance of a wage that their staff can live on. If a contractor doesn’t offer a living wage, then it can indicate that their bottom-line is more important than their staff's well-being.

When looking for a contractor, ask what they pay their employees, and if they are only paying minimum wage, think about how much they value their staff.


Governing Body Membership

Whether a company adheres to a governing body can also be a good indicator of their willingness to remain compliant and stay ahead in their industry.  Being a part of a governing body can show that they want to stay updated on industry changes, especially when it isn’t a requirement. Another area to look for in a similar vein is whether they submit themselves to Department of Labour audits.


CSR Plan in Place

While it's good to talk about CSR processes, actually having a CSR plan in place shows a readiness to actually act on being socially responsible.

If they have taken the steps to create a plan, then they know where their focus is and areas they should be improving on. When looking at hiring a cleaning service, ask whether they have a CSR plan in place and what they are doing to action it.

For more questions to consider when hiring a contractor or cleaning service, check out the full list.


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