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Sep 24, 2020 1:31:13 PM / by CMOS Team

  • How can I make sure a Commercial Cleaning company has the best cleaners?
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We know it’s important to you that the people cleaning your site are extraordinary. We believe that our formula of 3 core values for cleaner selection is the best way to make sure we are hiring the right candidate. 


What makes a good cleaner? 


  • Experience to handle specialized cleaning tasks and make sure that health and safety regulations and standards are in place. 
  • Reliable to consistently help achieve your site cleaning goals.
  • Trustworthy to execute as promised.


Our selection process involves a formal assessment of how well any particular candidate demonstrates each of these values.

Every potential candidate goes through a thorough process, which includes a phone interview and a robust and scientifically substantiated competency-based interview so we can assess whether they are the superstar that you deserve on your site.

Here at CMOS, we care passionately about hiring and keeping the best people to make sure you receive an exceptional cleaning service month after month. 

You deserve to have cleaning addressed as professionally as you work, which is why we go above and beyond to make sure the right people are cleaning your site. 


How do we ensure you have trustworthy people on your site?

  • CV 

Reviewing our candidate’s CV helps us verify their work experience. We also make sure that nobody with a past record of misconduct is hired.


We check for any criminal record with the Ministry of Justice. You can be sure that all CMOS people are law-abiding citizens.


Only authorized staff who have been through our sign up process are allowed on-site at all times – no exceptions. Staff are instructed that they should never be on-site without a valid form of ID and CMOS uniform.


Training to succeed!


As part of our welcome, new members of the CMOS family are introduced to our culture of integrity and responsibility. Clear expectations are set and they’re given the training to ensure they know how to meet our high security and cleaning standards.


We use our training to empower and incentivize our staff. Providing opportunities to succeed through training and education benefits our goal of continuously motivating our large team of passionate cleaners. Learn more about how we take care of our cleaning staff here.


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