How to tell if your cleaning company is providing quality communication

Oct 27, 2021 10:08:59 AM / by CMOS Team

Communication is one of the most important factors when considering which cleaning service you should choose. How well they communicate will affect how quickly issues are addressed, how quickly new services can be added to the contract and how easy it is to get in touch!

Here is our list of key communication areas to look out for.


Response KPIs

Do they consider response time as one of their KPIs? If they track their response time, then it shows they not only care about responding quickly, but that they are aiming to maintain consistency and improve their services.


NPS tracking

NPS is one of the most effective ways to assess how well a business is servicing its current customers. You don’t want to hire a business that talks a good talk, but then doesn’t follow through with its obligations. If they track it, it shows they care, and if it’s a high number, then you know they’re doing a great job.

When hiring a contractor, ask if they track NPS (or a similar metric) and how well it's performing. Another quality metric to look out for is CES (Customer Effort Score) which measures how much effort customers need to go through to get issues dealt with.


Escalation policy

When hiring a contractor, you want to know that any issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently. If they have an escalation policy in place, then you know that you’ll be able to reach the person you need to.


Extra Services

You don’t want to be dealing with lots of different contractors for the one site, so being able to have one point of contact and one phone number to call is ideal. Choosing a contractor that can add-on extra services or have subcontractors they already use will make your job a lot easier. This also means it will be quick and painless for you adding new services to the site, as you won’t need to search around for new options.

For more information on picking a new contractor or cleaning service, check out our full list!


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