5 office cleaning habits that will improve your work environment

Dec 4, 2020 9:34:05 AM / by CMOS Team

For many people, the office becomes like a second home. The average office worker spends 8 hours a day in their workspace, therefore, it is critical these long hours are spent in a clean, hygienic, and comfortable environment.




Making sure certain areas are always kept clean will guarantee your workers well-being. Here are 5 office cleaning habits that will improve your work environment:


  1. Common areas like lobbies, meeting rooms and kitchen should always be kept clean and organized. Regularly disinfect all food surfaces (in kitchens and eating areas). Don’t forget to provide hand sanitizer in common use areas.
  2. Clean bathrooms regularly. Ensure sanitary bathrooms are equipped with hand-washing stations and supplies, as well as feminine hygiene units. 
  3. Clear rubbish bins regularly. Small bins should be emptied daily, while larger ones should be emptied at least once or twice a week. You can save your staff the trouble by outsourcing the task to a commercial cleaning company. This way you ensure that the rubbish is disposed of in a safe and professional manner.
  4. Keep your desk clean and free of clutter. Learn 5 easy desk organization tricks that will help get your desk under control.
  5. Maintain healthy indoor air quality. This is essential for a healthy office environment. Indoor plants for the office can help in purifying the air you breathe and removing impurities while adding a peaceful work environment. Learn about The best easy-care indoor plants for your office


The work environment can greatly influence an employee’s satisfaction at work. A clean office will have a positive impact on everyone’s health, productivity and happiness.

By implementing proper work hygiene with regular professional office cleaning, you can dramatically reduce the risk of health issues. For best results, be sure to choose a trustworthy commercial cleaning company to take care of your office cleaning needs the right way. Learn what you what need to consider before choosing a Commercial Cleaning Company here.


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